Thank you for visiting this page.

It is our concern that you enjoy your visit to Club Nautique.

We see it as our responsibility to ensure that you can enjoy our service, delicious dishes and tasty drinks in a hygienic environment.

To give you a look behind the scenes, we would like to inform you below what our hygiene protocols are:

You will find hygiene pumps throughout the store. Our employees regularly disinfect their hands with this and extra when touching risky surfaces.

Feel free to use this if you like.
You will find the pumps at the entrances and exits, at the toilets and at the cash register / bar.

Your table will be disinfected before you are referred to a table by our employee.
If an employee is still busy cleaning your table, we request that you give him / her space.

Do you need to clean your hands in the meantime? Please ask our employees about disinfection for the hands.

During the opening hours there is an employee who is responsible for the general hygiene in the case. He / she will clean the toilets regularly and if necessary more often. Handles, chairs and other surfaces such as the bar and distribution areas will be cleaned continuously and at least every 30 minutes.
Some employees will wear gloves during certain activities. This is to ensure their safety and of course yours.

Your sense of security is very important to us. For example, we place tables at least 2 meters apart.

Where necessary and possible, we give guests more space, which is why we will refer our guests to a table upon entering.

In the restaurant we have opted for one entrance and one exit. You will see this on the doors. We also ask you to respect this.
Our employees can, if necessary, choose to deviate from this.

Our employees are checked for fever before they start their shift.
Do they have a cold or are they sick without a fever? Then they will not be active that day.

During work, our colleagues keep as far apart as possible.
We have certain routes behind the scenes.
Our employees in the kitchen wear gloves that they change regularly and that they also disinfect continuously.
The workplaces in the kitchen are disinfected several times an hour.

Throughout the case you will see tape on the floor. This indicates a routing or the required distance. We request that you take this into account so that everyone feels safe.

We would also like to inform you that if our crockery is always cleaned at high temperatures in specially equipped machines.
No virus survived these temperatures in combination with the detergent.

Do you still have questions about our working method or other measures?
Do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to answer your questions!